SPC ATF IIE Transmission Fluid

SPC ATF IIE is a high quality multifunctional fluid for automatic and power shift transmission. It is also suitable for industrial and mobile hydraulic systems. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC ATF IIE meets the following performance requirements: •    General Motors Dexron II E •     Ford MERCON •     Allison C-4 •    ZF TE-ML 4/14 •    …

SPC ATF IID Automotive Specialties

SPC ATF IID is specially formulated for use in modern automatic transmissions. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC ATF IID meets the following performance requirements: •    Allison C4 •    Caterpillar TO-2 •    Dexron IID •    MB p236.7 BENEFITS SPC ATF IID provides the following benefits: •    Provides good oxidation stability at high operating temperatures. •    Control deposit formation….