Interion Pte Ltd

Interion Pte Ltd was established in 1995. Over the years, the company has achieved constant growth and establish herself in the market. The goodwill and reputation allowed the company to obtain dealerships from various oil majors.

Interion’s Growth Timeline

  • 1995: Established in 1995. Awarded dealership for Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) and British Petroleum (BP).
  • 1999: Awarded dealership for Caltex. Acquired ChemBrite.
  • 2002: Awarded dealership for ExxonMobil.
  • 2005: Annual turnover exceeded 10 million.
  • 2007: Listed in Singapore SME 500. Rated credit risk index 1 by D&B.
  • 2009: Certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant. Awarded dealership for Shell. Awarded AdBlue supply contract with public bus company.
  • 2015: Received AdBlue Certification from VDA Germany.
  • 2022: Survived Covid-19 global pandemic crisis.

To date, Interion Pte Ltd is the authorised dealers for various oil majors and exclusive distributor for 2 chemical brands. The product range extended beyond diesel to lubricants, chemicals and emission control reagents.

Over the years, Interion Pte Ltd has acquired valuable experience dealing with diverse requirements of our customers from industries such as logistics, construction, shipping, transportation, power generation and food processing. Interion is and will be constantly evolving to better serve our local and regional customers.

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