AMERGY PPD (Pour Point Depressant) is an ashless, low temperature flow improver for marine distillate fuels. Fuels can include marine gas oil (MGO), hybrid and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel. AMERGY PPD modifies the crystallization of the wax or paraffin normally found in distillate fuels when subjected to low storage temperatures.

As more vessels are sailing via polar waters, the IMO has already proposed the Polar Code OR  International Code of Safety for Ships Operating in Polar Waters. It is essential that vessels consider the suitability of fuel bunkered prior to entering cold waters.

Cold sea temperatures, especially during winter or in arctic waters, can cause untreated fuels to accumulate wax deposits that lead to poor pumpability and filter plugging. In some extreme cases (extremely low temperature), the fuel will solidify in storage or transfer, leading to engine starvation.

AMERGY PPD is formulated to depress the pour point and improve the cold flow properties of typical marine distillate fuels. AMERGY PPD provides superior cold filter plugging point (CFPP) and pour point depression. The advanced chemistry in AMERGY PPD minimizes the need for expensive kerosene addition and dilution. Generally, when treating fuel that has a cloud point greater than -16°C, AMERGY PPD will prevent wax buildup and provide trouble-free flow in cold conditions.

Drew Marine recommends that fuel deliveries be representatively sampled and analyzed. This action will enable determination of overall fuel quality, pinpointing properties that may lead to fuel handling and/or combustion issues. Consult your local Drew Marine representative for further details on fuel sampling equipment and fuel analysis services.

The fuel must be above its cloud point prior to treating with AMERGY PPD. Refer to product manual for more information and dosing ratio instructions.

Definitions / Terminology:

  • Cloud point is the temperature at which wax crystals begin to form. Cloud point should be requested to be analyzed and provided by bunker suppliers, if possible. Cloud point is different from cold filter plugging point (CFPP).
  • Cold filter plugging point (CFPP). CFPP is the lowest temperature at which a fuel will give trouble-free flow. Pour point, unlike cloud point, is a more common test provided by bunker suppliers (e.g., certificate of analysis).
  • Pour point is the temperature at which the accumulation of wax prevents the fuel from having any movement. Once the fuel reaches its pour point, it solidifies until the temperature increases sufficiently to thaw the wax deposits.

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