Are you looking to buy fuels for your:
– diesel / petrol equipment
– backup or electricity generator
– material handling equipment such as forklift, stacker, etc.
– vehicles such as truck, lorry, bus, buggy
– barge, vessel or ship
– using as a solvent or feedstock in your manufacturing process

We supply a wide range for fuels:
– gasoline (Petrol 92, Petrol 95, Petrol 98) or oil major petrol with special additives
– near sulphur-free diesel (10ppm sulphur), marine gas oil (MGO)
– biodiesel, hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO)
– industrial distillate

In various volumes and packaging:
– tins, jerry cans, drums and IBC tote tanks
– ISO Tanks, bulk fuel by road tanker

Interion Refinery Products Fuels Lubricants Biodiesel HVO


ASGAS 100LL: An Introduction ASGAS 100LL is a type of aviation fuel commonly used in piston-engine aircraft. The fuel is a combination of 100 octane low-lead (LL) gasoline and a…
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Isopropanol (IPA)

We have ready stock of Isopropyl Alchohol, Isopropanol (IPA) in drum. Purity is more than 99.9%. Contact Us to find out more.
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Near Sulphur Free (0.001%, 10ppm) Diesel

We continue to provide Near Sulphur Free (0.001%, 10ppm) Diesel to various of our customers from various industries: Construction Data Center Food & Beverage (F & B) Industrial Logistics Manufacturing…
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Petrol 92 95 98

We provide Petrol / Gas to various customers. The range of Petrol/Gas that we provide includes: Petrol 92 Petrol 95 Petrol 98 for the following uses: non-road tax registered petrol…
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