SPC SOLUCUT GP is an emulsifiable cutting oil for use in metal working operations where maximum cooling is required. It is manufactured from selected base oils, coupling agents, emulsifiers, and a biocide to help control bacterial growth. It mixes readily with water to form stable emulsions, even with relatively high dilution rations. It provides good rust protection.


SPC SOLUCUT GP provides the following benefits:

•    Provides adequate cooling and lubrication of tool and workpiece.
•    Forms stable emulsions.
•    Provides long emulsion life through rapid separation of chips or grinding dirt.
•    Protects against rusting of ferrous metals.


SPC SOLUCUT GP used for general cutting and grinding operations in which maximum tool and workpiece cooling is required.

The following oil to water ratios are recommended for the different cutting and grinding operations.

Ratio: Parts Operation Oil to Water

Grinding: 1:40-60

Light Cutting: 1:30-40

Turret Lathe, Screw Machining, Milling and Drilling: 1:20

Broaching, Threading, Gear Cutting: 1:10

SPC SOLUCUT GP is also recommended for the following applications:

•    In large presses and roll mills as a hydraulic medium when SOLUCUT GP is mixed with water.
•    For protection of steel parts in covered storage where SOLUCUT GP absorbs moisture effectively and prevents corrosion of the metal surfaces.
•    In the water cooling system of internal combustion engines where a soluble oil type rust inhibitor is recommended.  The ratio of oil to water is 1 part oil to 100 parts water.

Preparation of Emulsions

The sequence of preparation of emulsions is to have the required amount of water poured into the container first and then followed by pouring the right volume of Solucut GP into the water

SPC SOLUCUT GP is designed to be used with water with hardness not exceeding 400 mg/kg as calcium. For water with hardness exceeding this level, a water softener is recommended.

SPC SOLUCUT GP is not recommended for severe machining operations where extreme-pressure load-carrying capacity is required.


Never use soluble oil for machining magnesium because the fine magnesium chips are a fire hazard when moistened with water.

They can burn explosively.



Viscosity, Kinematic at 40 deg C, cSt: 42.0

Specific Gravity, 15/15 deg C: 0.887

Flash Point, COC, deg C: 220

Pour Point, deg C: -9