SPC SLIDEWAY LUBE is specially formulated for machine tool ways and slides. It provides good stick slip friction characteristics, rust protection and superior lubricity. It also imparts good surface finishes to machine parts.


SPC SLIDEWAY LUBE meets the following performance requirements:

•    Cincinnati Milacron P47.
•    Cincinnati Milacron P50.
•    Cincinnati Milacron P53.


SPC SLIDEWAY LUBE provides the following benefits:

•    Minimizes stick slip and chatter during operations.
•    Provides good slideway performance.
•    Provides extreme pressure and lubricity characteristics.
•    Imparts good surface finishes to machined parts.
•    Protects against rust and staining of machine parts.
•    Provides good yellow metal compatibility.


SPC SLIDEWAY LUBE is recommended for lubrication of ways and slides of machine tools. It is suitable for cast iron, steel and non-metallic way materials.

SPC SLIDEWAY LUBE is suitable for the following applications:
•    Dual purpose hydraulic and way lubricant.
•    Ways of small or medium size machine tools.
•    Dual purpose gear and way lubrication system.


SAE Grade 32 46 68 150
Viscosity, Kinematic
at 40 deg C, cSt 31.5 47.6 70.4 149
at 100 deg C, cSt 5.42 7.2 8.9 14.6
Viscosity Index 105 109 101 95
Specific Gravity, 15/15 deg C 0.875 0.866 0.873 0.893
Flash Point, deg C 215 220 225 230
Pour Point, deg C -12 -12 -12 -12