SPC SDM 901J is a fully synthetic diesel engine oil specially formulated to meet top tier HDD and mid SAPS level performance claims.

It meets the most severe lubrication requirements of heavy-duty diesel engines particularly low emission EURO 2, 3, 4 engines running under extreme conditions and extended oil drain intervals.


SPC SDM 901J meets the following performance requirements:
•    API CI4
•    ACEA E4-99 issue 3, E6-04, E7-04
•    MTU Type 3.1
•    Volvo VDS-3
•    JASO DH-2
•    MB p 228.5, 228.51
•    MAN M3277, M3477


SPC SDM 901J provides the following benefits:
•    Resists formation of lacquer, sludge and other deposits in the engine system under high temperature operations.
•    Keeps engine clean for optimum performance.
•    Extends oil drain intervals.
•    Sustains engine durability.
•    Maintains maximum engine protection due to superior wear control.
•    Protects the engine against corrosion from acidic combustion by-products as fuel burn.


SPC SDM 901J is suitable for on highway heavy duty applications such as trucking and public transportation.

SPC SDM 901J is suitable for modern low emission vehicles with mixed Euro 2, 3 and 4 engine types.

SPC SDM 901J is suitable for use in vehicles fitted with after treatment systems for the reduction of particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen.



SAE Grade: 10W40

Viscosity, Kinematic at 40 deg C, cSt: 90.0, at 100 deg C, cSt: 13.7

Viscosity, Apparent at -25 deg C, cP: 6500

Viscosity Index: 155

Specific Gravity, 15/15 deg C: 1.8632

Flash Point, COC, deg C: 225

Pour Point, deg C: -27

TBN, mgKOH/g: 12.4