SPC GL5 GEARLUBE LS is an extreme pressure gear lubricant specially formulated for ‘Limited Slip’ rear drive differentials, especially ‘Cone Clutch’ design. The excellent friction properties provide smooth, noise free operation and extended life of these units.


SPC GL5 GEARLUBE LS meets the following performance requirements:

•     API GL-5
•     API MT-1


SPC GL5 GEARLUBE LS provides the following benefits:

•    Provides superior lubricity characteristic for smooth, non-stick / slip engagement and disengagement of friction elements.
•    Ensures a continuous lubricant film on gears operating under the severest conditions involving heavy dynamic and shock loads and very high or intermittent sliding speeds between the teeth.
•    Maintains outstanding anti-wear properties and reduces gear-tooth and bearing wear.
•    Provides excellent thermal stability and anti-corrosion properties.
•    Maximizes antirust properties and effectively prevent rust on gears and in bearings.


SPC GL5 GEARLUBE LS is particularly recommended for limited slip hypoid differentials in rear wheel drive cars and light trucks, under all operating condition. It is also suitable for conventional (non-limited slip) rear wheel drive differentials.


SAE Grade 80W90 85W140 90 140
Viscosity, Kinematic
at 40 deg C, cSt 158.1 383.9 176.6 380
at 100 deg C, cSt 15.4 28.1 16.5 27.5
Viscosity Index 104 100 97 97
Specific Gravity, 15/15 deg C 0.894 0.907 0.903 0.907
Flash Point, deg C 215 226 220 230
Pour Point, deg C -27 -21 -12 -12