SPC GEARLUBE WG is a specially formulated, high quality clean gear lubricant designed to meet the latest Flender specifications requiring excellent protection against micropitting.

Using an advanced additive system, it is designed for use under the most severe conditions requiring long term wear protection.

SPC GEARLUBE WG has excellent anti-wear, anti-oxidation properties and exhibits outstanding thermal stability, demulsibility and corrosion protection.


SPC GEARLUBE WG meets the following performance requirements:

•    Flender Revision 9 (December 2005)
•     AIST 224
•    AGMA 9005-E02 (EP)
•     SEB 181226
•    DIN 51517 Part 3


SPC GEARLUBE WG provides the following benefits:

•    Clean gear performance under high temperature and oxidation.
•    Excellent protection against micropitting
•    Excellent anti-wear and EP properties to protect gears
•    Exceptional load-carrying capability
•    Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
•    Excellent rust and corrosion inhibition
•     Excellent demulsibility


SPC GEARLUBE WG is recommended for all types industrial gear drives where a full EP performance is required, heavily loaded plain or rolling element bearings.



ISO VG: 320

Density @ 15 0C: 0.898

Viscosity, Kinematic at 40 0C, cSt: 304 at 100 0C, cSt: 24

Viscosity Index: 98

Flash Point, COC, 0 0C: 240

Pour Point, 0 0C: -12