HOUGHTO-SAFE® 620-th is a highly lubricious clear fluid that contains additives that provide long fluid life, excellent pump wear characteristics, and protection against corrosion. The fluid also has an inhibitor that prevents vapor phase corrosion.

To ensure good hydraulic practice, it is recommended to incorporate filtration. The filters should have a rated flow capacity twice that of the pump’s rated capacity. For the return, 25-micron filters are recommended, and on the suction side, a minimum of 60-mesh filters should be installed. It is also important not to use zinc coatings on filter components.

HOUGHTO-SAFE® 620-th can be used in various applications, including pressure die-casting machinery, forging and extruding pressures, glass-forming machines, fork-lift trucks, and more. It is a versatile fluid that can be used in different machinery and equipment.

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