HOUGHTO-SAFE® 620-th is a clear fluid of high lubricity incorporating additives which ensure long fluid life, excellent pump wear characteristics and protection against corrosion. Particular attention has been given to inhibiting against vapour phase corrosion.

To conform with good hydraulic practice, filtration should be incorporated. Accordingly filters should have a rated flow capacity of twice the rated capacity of the pump. On return 25 micron filters are recommended with minimum 60 mesh filters installed on the suction side. Zinc coatings should not be used on filter components.

HOUGHTO-SAFE® 620-th can also be used in:

Pressure Die-Casting Machinery : Coke Oven Door Mechanisms
Forging and Extruding Pressures : Regulators and Controls
Glass Forming Machines : Ingot Manipulators
Fork Lift Trucks : Clamping Fixtures for Welding
Furnace Charging & Tilting Mechanisms : Centrifugal Casting Machines
Dolomite Machines : Rod and Strip Coilers and Up-enders
Cranes : Foundry Machines
Hoists and Elevators : Missile Handling Equipment

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