Oceanic EPF fluids are a type of water-based fluids that are used for protecting hydraulic systems during long-term storage. These fluids are high-quality and are already pre-formulated, making them ready-to-use. They are designed to protect the internal components of hydraulic systems from rust, corrosion, and oxidation during extended storage periods.

Oceanic EPF fluids are compatible with other fluids in the Oceanic range, such as Oceanic HW production control fluids, Erifon BOP and Erifon motion compensator fluids. However, the Oceanic EPF fluids differ in glycol content and geographic availability.

There are two types of Oceanic EPF fluids that are currently available: Oceanic EPF US and Oceanic EPF 2 UK. They are both highly effective in protecting hydraulic systems during storage, but their availability may vary depending on geographic location.

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