GL4 GEARLUBE ZF is a synthetic blend high performance gear oil formulated for use in synchromesh manual gear boxes and transmissions. The product is blended using synthetic base oils and advanced additives to enhance shifting performance, low temperature fluidity, thermal stability and synchromesh compatibility.


GL4 GEARLUBE ZF meets the following performance requirements:

•    API GL-4
•    DAF
•    EATON
•    IVECO
•    MAN 341 E-3
•    MAN 341 Z-3
•    Renault
•    Volvo 97305
•    ZF TE-ML 02D


GL4 GEARLUBE ZF provides the following benefits:

•    Offers an excellent synchromesh compatibility.
•    Provides an outstanding shift feel and low friction losses under all operating conditions.
•    Ensures exceptional thermal stability.
•    Grants superb protection against wear.
•    Allows for extended oil drain intervals.


GL4 GEARLUBE ZF is recommended for use in synchromesh manual gearboxes and transaxles in commercial vehicles. It is also suitable for ZF manual transmission for trucks and buses .



Viscosity, Kinematic at 40°C, cSt: 60, at 100°C, cSt: 9.0

Viscosity Index: 128

Flash Point, PMCC, °C: 200

Pour Point, °C: -48

Specific Gravity 15/15°C: 0.879