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Mercury Transportation

Mercury is a hazardous material because it can cause very serious environmental pollution and health hazard if not handled properly. Therefore it’s important to engage licensed and trained transporters to handle the Mercury.

We have the 1) relevant HAZMAT transportation license, 2) our staff is trained to handle Mercury, 3) we have the necessary precautionary standard operating procedure (SOP) to handle any accidental spill.

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Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Transportation

Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) requires special attention to the handling as well as the route planning. Due to the Singapore Civial Defence Force (SCDF) regulation: – only certified HAZMAT vehicle, driver, transportation company is/are allowed to transport Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) – violation of the regulation will result in heavy fine and penalty – certain class hazardous… Continue Reading

Fuel Supply for Critical Plant/Refinery Turnaround/Maintenance

Manufacturing plants, chemical plants and refineries require occasional maintenance or turnaround. Fuel (diesel, petrol, kerosene, etc.) supply to critical equipment can be affected. This is where our expertise and high service level are critical and essential to the smooth plant and refinery maintenance/turnaround. Contact us now for more information on a customized fuel support solution… Continue Reading

Adblue Validity Test

Collaboration with education/research institution has allowed us to acquire more knowledge about AdBlue®. AdBlue® normally has a shelf life of up to 12 months. Some of our customers has AdBlue® that exceeds 15 months. As an additional service, we provide on-site preliminary analysis to verify if AdBlue® (beyond the shelf life) is still within the… Continue Reading

Emergency Diesel Standby

We are experienced in working with MNC production facilities to provide emergency diesel standby services and solutions. The emergency diesel supply are used for: Backup generators for production facilities Backup generators for commercial/office buildings Fire water pump system Data centers Continue Reading

Vessel Alongside Fueling

We have a few ship building clients whom we supply: Ultra Low Sulphur (50 ppm) Diesel Near Sulphur Free (10 ppm) Diesel Marine Gas Oil (MGO) to the ships before their maiden voyages. Other satisfied clients also include small cargo ships, military vessel, barge and so on. Our specialised fuel services assisted: Ship builders to… Continue Reading

Fuel Distribution

It is required by law to have the HAZMAT license to transport flammable/dangerous goods. This is what we are experienced in. Fuels ranging from kerosene, petrol/gas to diesel, our fleet of vehicle and skilled staff can safely deliver the dangerous good to your doorstep. Some of the industrials that we serve: Logistics Transport / Buses… Continue Reading