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Clariant Antifrogen L

Antifrogen® L is a clear liquid, tinted blue, for use as a heat transfer medium in heat pump systems and in the food industry, e.g. in breweries, dairies, ice-cream factories, cold stores and fish processing factories. The product is inhibited without the use of nitrites-, amines-, borates-, silicates- and phosphates. The optimization of the corrosion inhibition system was performed without the use of CMR-substances (cancerogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic). 

Antifrogen® L fulfills a dual function as a heat transfer medium. It ensures that the aqueous solution remains liquid at the required brine temperature and protects any metal components in the refrigeration system from corrosion. Its antifreeze action is based on monopropylene glycol, which with its high boiling point of about 187 °C prevents loss by evaporation.

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Clariant Antifrogen N

The Universal Heat Transfer Fluid, Antifreeze and Corrosion Inhibitor for Refrigeration, Heat Pump, Hot Water Heating Systems, Climate Systems, Heat Recovery, Rail Vehicles, Lead Detection Fluid, Wind Power Machines, etc. Product descriptionAntifrogen® N is a liquid, tinted pale yellow, for use as a heat transfer medium in closed hot water heating systems, heat pumps and… Continue Reading

Brunox® Lubricants

We carry various range of Brunox® Lubricants:BRUNOX Gun Care SprayBRUNOX LUB & COR®BRUNOX CARBONPFLEGEBRUNOX Turbo-Spray® POWER-CLICKBRUNOX Top-Kett® Chain lubeWish to order or know more? Contact Us. Continue Reading

AeroShell Piston Engine Oil W80, W100 and W120

AeroShell Piston Engine Oil W80, W100 and W120 are ashless dispersant oils specifically developed for aviation piston engines. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS AeroShell Piston Engine Oil W80, W100 and W120 meets the following performance requirements (contact us to verify): SAE J-1899 which replaces MIL-L-22851D AIR 3570 MS-20   Continue Reading

AeroShell Fluid 41

AeroShell Fluid 41 is a mineral hydraulic oil manufactured to a very high level of cleanliness, and possesses improved fluid properties. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS AeroShell Fluid 41 meets the following performance requirements (contact us to verify): MIL-PRF-5606H DEF STAN 91-48 Grade Superclean DEF STAN 91-48 Grade Normal Approved DCSEA 415/A Analogue to AMG-10 H-515 Superclean Grade (equivalent H-520) OM-15 Superclean Grade (equivalent… Continue Reading

AeroShell Fluid 31

AeroShell Fluid 31 is a synthetic hydrocarbon based aircraft hydraulic fluid with greatly improved fire resistance characteristics. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS AeroShell Fluid 31 meets the following performance requirements (Contact Us to verify): MIL-PRF-83282D Equivalent to DCSEA 437/A H-537 OX-19   Continue Reading


SPC SUPER OUTBOARD is a high quality outboard motor oil. It is formulated from highly refined lubricating stocks and fortified with special ashless detergent-dispersant type additive. BENEFITS SPC SUPER OUTBOARD provides the following benefits: •    Burns completely without leaving any sticky deposit and avoids clogging, ring sticking and spark plug fouling. •    Forms a permanent… Continue Reading

SPC MERLION 7000 Marine Cylinder Oil

SPC MERLION 7000 is a high alkaline cylinder oil for marine diesel engine cylinder lubrication. It is formulated from high quality base stock and additives to provide the necessary performance characteristics for cylinder lubrication of two-stroke marine diesel engines operating on high sulphur residual fuel. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC MERLION 7000 the following performance requirements: •  … Continue Reading

SPC MERLION 5000 Marine Cylinder Oil

SPC MERLION 5000 is a marine diesel engine cylinder oil formulated from premium quality base stock and additives to provide the necessary high alkalinity for marine engine cylinder lubrication. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC MERLION 5000 meets the following requirements: •     Sulzer •     MAN B&W Diesel •     SEMT Pielstick •     Wartsila BENEFITS SPC… Continue Reading