AeroShell Fluid 31 is a synthetic hydrocarbon-based hydraulic fluid specifically designed for use in aircraft hydraulic systems. It has been formulated to provide improved fire resistance characteristics compared to traditional mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids. This makes it an excellent choice for aircraft applications where fire resistance is a critical factor.

Performance Standards

The fluid has been tested to meet several performance standards, including MIL-PRF-83282D, which is a US military specification for fire-resistant hydraulic fluids. AeroShell Fluid 31 is also equivalent to DCSEA 437/A, which is a specification used by the French military, as well as H-537 and OX-19, which are British military specifications.

By meeting these performance standards, AeroShell Fluid 31 has been demonstrated to have excellent resistance to fire, and is able to perform effectively even in high-stress conditions. It is a reliable and safe choice for aircraft hydraulic systems.