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SPC MERLION 30 Marine System Oil

SPC MERLION 30 is a premium marine diesel engine system oil containing alkaline reserve. It is formulated from high viscosity index base oils with alkaline additive package to provide detergent-dispersancy, oxidation and foam inhibition properties.


SPC MERLION 30 meets the following manufacturers’ requirements:

•     Deutz MWM
•     SKL


SPC MERLION 30 provides the following benefits:

•    Controls corrosive wears.
•    Exhibits good antiwear properties.
•    Reduces deposits on engine parts.
•    Protects against rusting and corrosion.
•     Resists foaming.
•    Improves service life.
•    Provides good demulsibility characteristics.


SPC MERLION 30 is recommended for crankcase lubrication of large two-stroke diesel engines with separate cylinder lubrication systems.

The good demulsibility of SPC MERLION 30 allows continuous purification of oil for the removal of water and contaminants during operation. Purification of the oil should be done in accordance with the purification equipment manufacturer’s instruction.


Viscosity, Kinematic at 40 deg C, cSt: 108.6, at 100 deg C, cSt: 11.9

Viscosity Index: 98

Specific Gravity, 15/15 deg C: 0.892

Flash Point, COC, deg C: 250

Pour Point, deg C: -15

TBN, mgKOH/g: 6.4