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SPC 4T ZOOM Premium Four Stroke Motorcycle Oil

SPC 4T ZOOM is a high quality gasoline engine oil specially designed for used in four-stroke motorcycle oil and portable power equipment requiring API SE lubricants.


SPC 4T ZOOM meets the following performance requirements:
• API Service SE


SPC 4T ZOOM provides the following benefits:

•    Very good control of piston skirt and ring belt deposits under high-speed conditions.
•    Protect against oil thickening and oil line and filter plugging.
•    Correct frictional characteristics enable smooth operation of wet clutches.
•    Superior protection against oil oxidation and sludge formation.
•    Very good oxidation stability resists oil degradation at high temperature.
•    Protects the engine against rust and corrosion.


SPC 4T ZOOM is suitable for most modern four-stroke gasoline motorcycle engines and four-stroke gasoline engines fitted to portable power equipment, such as pumps, mowers, generators, etc.



SAE Grade: 40

Viscosity, Kinematic at 40 0C, cSt: 139, at 100 0C, cSt: 14.62

Viscosity Index: 105

Flash Point, COC, 0C: 242

Pour Point, 0C: -6

TBN, mg KOH/g: 5.3

Specific Gravity, 15/15 0C: 0.889