SPC SYN GL-5 is a premium quality fully synthetic heavy-duty axle oils. It is formulated for all gears operating under severe conditions and rigorous demands.


SPC SYN GL-5 meets the following performance requirements:

•    API Service GL-5, API MT-1
•    MIL-PRF-2105E, PG-2, MACK GO -J


SPC SYN GL-5 contains a special additive which provides the following benefits:

•    Continuous protection on gears operating under the severest conditions involving heavy dynamic and shock loads and very high or intermittent sliding speeds between the teeth.
•    Superior protection against gear-tooth and bearing wears.
•    Prevents oil deterioration and sludge formation.
•    Excellent antirust and anticorrosion properties on gears and bearings.
•    Minimize the formation of air bubbles and maintain lubricant flow and oil film.
•    Multigrade viscosity provides wide temperature operations.
•    Superior thermal and oxidative stability.


SPC SYN GL-5 is specially recommended for automotive heavy-duty and light-duty axles, and heavy-duty non-synchronized manual transmissions under heavy dynamic loads and high / low temperatures.

It can also be used in conventional gearboxes and steering-boxes on cars and trucks, and in gear-boxes, final drives and power take-off on farm and earth-moving machineries.



ISO Grade: 75W90

Viscosity, Kinematic at 40 0C, cSt: 135 at 100 0C, cSt: 15.4

Viscosity Index: 143

Flash Point, COC, 0C: 200

Pour Point, 0C: -45

Specific Gravity, 15/15 0C: 0.883

Copper Corrosion: 1B