Premium quality SPC PAPER MACHINE OIL is formulated from specially selected ashless additive package to provide strong antiwear and extreme pressure performance for both wet and dry ends of the machine. The oil provides superior water separability, wet filterability, deposit control and oxidation stability. These unique properties are critically important in paper machine service.


SPC PAPER MACHINE OIL meets the following performance requirements:

•    AFNOR dry filterability (5 micron), FI
•    Seals Compatibility (ISO 6072), NBR 1 at 120C and FPM 1 at 160C
•    4 Ball Wear, 40 kgs/1200rpm/60mins 75C, mm
•    4 Ball Weld, 1475rpm/10sec/ambient, kg
•    SKF EMCOR, distilled water
•    SKF EMCOR, process water
•    SKF Roller Test, 120C
•    SKF Oil Film Aging, 120C


SPC PAPER MACHINE OIL provides the following benefits:

•    Excellent water separability.
•    Superior corrosion and anti-wear protection for the system’s bearings and gears.
•    Good oxidation stability prevents formation of damaging deposits and varnish at elevated temperature.
•    Superior filterability even when the system is wet.


SPC PAPER MACHINE OIL is specially designed for both wet and dry end of paper machine circulating bearing and gear lubrication systems.



ISO VG: 220

Viscosity, Kinematic at 40 deg C, cSt: 215, at 100 deg C, cSt: 18.0

Viscosity Index: 99

Flash Point, COC deg C: 215

Pour Point, deg C: -9

Copper Corrosion, ASTM D130, 48 hrs at 120C: 1B

Specific Gravity, 15/15 deg C: 0.898