SPC COOLANT OAT is a premium ethylene glycol based engine coolant. It is premixed with water for immediate applications. The coolant contains corrosion inhibitors based on Organic Acid Technology (OAT) and offers excellent function for heat transfer and protection in high operating temperatures. SPC COOLANT OAT is free of any amines, borax, nitrates, phosphates and silicates.


SPC COOLANT OAT meets the requirements of the following standards:

•    ASTM D3306
•    SAE J1034
•    ASTM D4985
•    KS M 2142


SPC COOLANT OAT provides the following benefits:

•    Offers all-year round freeze and boil over protection.
•    Offers high degree of protection against corrosion and deposit formation.
•    Provides higher boiling point to protect against engine overheating.
•    Guards against frost damage.
•    Maximizes both ferrous and aluminum engine component life.


SPC COOLANT OAT is suitable for use in liquid-type cooling systems of modern passenger cars, light trucks and heavy duty vehicles and industrial internal combustion engines.

SPC COOLANT OAT must be diluted with water before use. A 50% concentration by volume is recommended for optimum corrosion protection.



Specific Gravity, g/cm3 1.068

pH value 8.7

Freezing Point, °C -38

Boiling Point, °C 108