Antifrogen® L is a clear blue tinted liquid. It is designed for use as a heat transfer medium in heat pump systems. Some industries such as food industry. For example breweries, beverage manufacturers, dairies, cold stores, ice-cream factories, meat and fish processing factories.

The product is inhibited without the use of nitrites-, amines-, borates-, silicates- and phosphates.

The optimization of the corrosion inhibition system was performed without the use of CMR-substances (cancerogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic). 

Clariant Antifrogen L Benefits

Antifrogen® L is a heat transfer medium with 2 functions. It can make sure that the aqueous solution remains liquid at the required brine temperature. At the same time protects any metal components in the refrigeration system from corrosion. Its antifreeze action is based on monopropylene glycol. Monopropylene glycol has a high boiling point of about 187 °C, thus prevents loss by evaporation.

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