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SPC SYN COMPRESSOR OIL R is a premium synthetic blend rotary compressor oil formulated from synthetic components with special grade antioxidant, antirust, antifoam and anti-wear additives. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC SYN COMPRESSOR OIL R meets the following OEMs’ requirements: Cooper Atlas Copco Dresser-Rand (Ingersoll –Rand) Elliot Gardner-Denver Sundstrand Sullair Worthington quincy Compressors SPC SYN COMPRESSOR OIL… Continue Reading


SPC SUPER OUTBOARD is a high quality outboard motor oil. It is formulated from highly refined lubricating stocks and fortified with special ashless detergent-dispersant type additive. BENEFITS SPC SUPER OUTBOARD provides the following benefits: •    Burns completely without leaving any sticky deposit and avoids clogging, ring sticking and spark plug fouling. •    Forms a permanent… Continue Reading

SPC SUGAR MILL RG Sugar Mill Gear Lubricant

SPC SUGAR MILL RG is a premium extreme pressure lubricant specially formulated for Sugar Cane Mills. The thermal stable high viscosity index base fluid combines with effective EP, oxidation and rust inhibitors, anti-wear agent and tackifier agent extends gears, journals and bearings’ life and oil life. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC SUGAR MILL RG meets the following… Continue Reading


SPC STOU UNIVERSAL FARM OIL is a multifunctional tractor lubricant specially developed to serve most farm applications. It meets the requirements for modern engines and transmissions, including both manual and powershift types. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC STOU UNIVERSAL FARM OIL meets the following performance requirements: •    Allison C4 •    API GL-4 •    Ford M2C134D, M2C159B •  … Continue Reading

SPC SPINDLE OIL Industrial Specialties

SPC SPINDLE OIL is formulated with antiwear, rust and oxidation inhibitors. It is designed for the lubrication of high speed textile machines and automated machine tools. BENEFITS SPC SPINDLE OIL provides the following benefits: •    Prolongs high speed bearing life •    Exhibits good rust and corrosion protection •    Maintains good oxidation stability •    Prevents formation… Continue Reading

SPC SOLUCUT GP Metal Working Fluid

SPC SOLUCUT GP is an emulsifiable cutting oil for use in metal working operations where maximum cooling is required. It is manufactured from selected base oils, coupling agents, emulsifiers, and a biocide to help control bacterial growth. It mixes readily with water to form stable emulsions, even with relatively high dilution rations. It provides good… Continue Reading

SPC SLIDEWAY LUBE Metal Working Fluid

SPC SLIDEWAY LUBE is specially formulated for machine tool ways and slides. It provides good stick slip friction characteristics, rust protection and superior lubricity. It also imparts good surface finishes to machine parts. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC SLIDEWAY LUBE meets the following performance requirements: •    Cincinnati Milacron P47. •    Cincinnati Milacron P50. •    Cincinnati Milacron P53.… Continue Reading

SPC SCO Circulation Oil

SPC SCO is a high viscosity index zinc-free circulating oil incorporated with premium grade anti-rust and anti-oxidation inhibitors specially designed for industrial circulating systems. It is used in a variety of applications such as circulatory systems for hydraulic systems, vacuum pumps, rolling mills and calendars for both rolling and plain bearings. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS SPC SCO… Continue Reading

SPC REFOIL R Refrigeration Oil

SPC REFOIL R is a premium grade refrigeration compressor oil made from specially selected napthenic waxfree base oils. BENEFITS SPC REFOIL R has the following performance characteristics and benefits: •    Very low pour and flow points with good high temperature performance. •    Compatible with most commonly used refrigerants. •    Low carbon residue. •    Good chemical… Continue Reading

SPC POWER STEERING FLUID Automotive Specialties

SPC POWER STEERING FLUID is a high quality steering fluid made from premium quality base stocks. It is designed to provide excellent performance and optimum protection for most power steering systems. BENEFITS SPC POWER STEERING FLUID provides the following benefits: •    Exhibits good anti-wear properties. •    Exhibits good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. •    Protects against… Continue Reading